Using EasySmartForms will improve the efficiency of your workforce.

Save Time

Specifically, it will save your company time, improve compliance and revolutionise your internal communication. 

Work Anywhere, Anytime

For your out of office staff who have little time to spare, the App allows them to complete forms on the go and save the information back to the central system. 

Latest Data at your Fingertips

The App can be used online and offline, so if there is no Wi-Fi available, the App will still work and save the information when it comes back online.

Why Consider Easy Smart Forms?Weigh Up the Benefits
The app is simple to use. ➟ Very little training required for out of office staff.
There is no cost in printing forms - they are all digital. ➟ Save money on print.
Forms are never out of date. The moment that you change and publish a form, it is updated on everyone’s device.  Better control on compliance documentation. Fewer mistakes are made in completing out of date forms.
There are no costs to transport the form to the office.  Save money on the cost of delivery or time saving for your workforce.
They are quicker to complete than paper-based forms. ➟ Time-saving for your workforce.
Modern technology - photos, geo-location, weather conditions etc. can be automatically added to forms to add clarity of information. ➟ Better information is provided, including proof of defects etc.
Completed forms are automatically compiled into reports. ➟ Saves significant time in transposing information.
Reports are automatically emailed to nominated managers. ➟ Time saving and better communications.
Forms tend to be completed by selecting multiple choice answers rather than typing information. ➟ More accurate data, easier to interpret the data and quicker to complete.
Non compliance registers are created globally across all completed forms. ➟ Easier to administrate and close out non compliance items. Easier to show assessors that actions have been completed due to the audit trail.
The app works off line. ➟ No restriction to recording information in areas with no Wi-Fi.


EasySmartForms is used in a variety of sectors including construction, facilities management and housing:

What our users say...

We have enjoyed a close working relationship with EasySmartForms throughout our 15 year history. They have been agile and responsive whilst maintaining the integrity of their systems at all levels e.g. security and operational functionality. They are open to the change and challenges required by their clientele in an ever demanding environment.